Why are Companion Animals So Important?

John Rosata
2 min readMar 24, 2022


Our furry friends make our lives more interesting and worth living. Nonetheless, having the right pet and treating him/her right is the right decision that a person makes. The question that rings in many people’s minds are why they need to have pets around them. Well, there is no better explanation for this but the benefits pegged on having these pets is evident. Here are some of the benefits of having a companion animal.

Boosting Connections

According to recent studies, it was noted that people who have a strong social connection are happier compared to their counterparts. Nonetheless, they are known to have better health with fewer problems making them live longer. Notably, Veterans have a bad history since they lack social connections and this makes their lives difficult. However, Pets for Vets have been the groundbreaking solution since these veterans have access to trained animal companies that motivate the vet to transition to their civilian life. Since dogs love walking, the vet can meet new people and start rebuilding their social life thanks to their animal companion.

Safety for the Vets

Human beings are known to judge others despite having scanty information about the person or situation they are judging. However, four-legged animal companions will never judge you but rather giving unconditional love and support. Vets deal with a lot of medical issues including depression, anxiety and a number of them have nightmares which can be reduced by the presence of their animal companion. During flashbacks, these pets can help the veteran get back to their senses either through barking or by moving around.

Have a Healthy Living

Pets for vets have special training making them unique animal companions that boost their mental health and overall well-being. Nonetheless, Vets make their pets feel appreciated and safe through patting. It is evident that patting a pet culminates in the release of oxytocin hormone which is a critical component in creating a sense of calm while regulating breathing and lowering blood pressure. Besides, engaging in physical activates with your four-legged companion play a crucial role in overall health improvement.

Overcome Trauma

Vets have a hard time transitioning to civilian life and more so those who plan to return but have been subjected to physical and mental injures or both. Pets help vets recover from such experiences while they also find a safe haven for themselves too after being dumped or even abused in their previous residence.

As vets look forward to enhancing their life and getting their civilian life back, there is no doubt that having an ideal pet for vets will be the silver bullet to leading a healthy and safe life.

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