Capital Strategies Advisory Group (CSTRAT) is led by John Rosata, who is also the president. This firm, which was formed over two decades ago, has an unparalleled reputation for supplying top-level executives for a number of industries, ranging from mid-level management to senior-level roles. One of the many reasons why they fly above their competition is that CSTRAT is one of the few firms in the country dedicated to supplying full-time recruitment in the Commercial Real Estate Funding and Commercial Financing industries. John's years of expertise and education have given him a thorough grasp of these sectors, as well as the understanding that each customer has certain skill needs that must be met. CSTRAT examines the human aspect of commercial lending, and connects individuals who will benefit a company's culture as well as its revenue. John and his staff have won several awards for their dedication to providing personalized service to each client, but John Rosata is without a doubt the inspiration and mentor.

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