3 Everyday Habits That Will Enhance Your Career | John Rosata | Entrepreneurship

John Rosata
2 min readDec 18, 2021


If you are looking to enhance your career, there are daily habits that you should practice in order to get further to your desired dream. Follow these 3 everyday habits to enhance your career.

1. Envision Your Career’s Mission

According to Business Collective by Citi , envisioning your success will make goal setting for advancing your career easier and feel more real to you.

When you take the time to visualize how you want your career to go, you will be motivated to move forward and take that leap of faith in achieving your goals to make that career advancement happen.

You can envision your career’s mission by:

  • Closing your eyes and meditating visually on where you want to be in your career in the next year, in the next 3 years, and in the next 5 years. Envision each step you will take to get there and the obstacles you will have to face to arrive to your end goal.
  • Journal your aspirations in a goal-setting journal.
  • Set reasonable deadlines for said goals. Writing them out will make you feel more accountable to hold yourself to those deadlines.
  • Discussing your goals with family and friends for advice and feedback. You can modify your goals if you may have missed any steps in your original planning process.

2. Always Make New Connections

It may be daunting to make new connections, but it will become easy the more you do it. You can start by connecting with people in your chosen industry on LinkedIn. Try to connect with the people at companies in which you desire to eventually hold a career.

View job openings with those companies and send those company representatives and upper management a message on LinkedIn once you have applied for a job with their company. It will show them that you are taking the extra mile to be professional, learn more about the company, and be a leader in your industry.

3. Enhance Your Key Skills Daily

Even if it’s just for 15–30 minutes per day, make it a point to enhance your skills daily. If you are a writer, write in a journal and/or pick up some articles to write for clients. If you are a fitness instructor, look up ways you can connect with your students better and help them to reach their health goals.

Originally published at https://johnrosata.com on December 18, 2021.